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posted by [personal profile] fanged_angel at 12:48am on 27/08/2015
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posted by [personal profile] fanged_angel at 11:07am on 04/05/2009 under , , ,
It seems I'm going through pt 2 of the cold from hell. Last week it was just my throat hurting and feeling generally urgh, now I feel quite urgh and there's no breathing to be done through my nose. My throat still hurts as well^^ When things are shitty, things are really shitty, eh?

I'm supposed to be babysitting but I think I'll wake mum up soon. I get dizzy like whoa whenever I sit up...
Of course all of this hasn't done much to my sleeping hours.
Luckily, [personal profile] miranda_skye recced me a lovely fic and so I read.

Blah. I do hate feeling so eeky on all accounts, ffs.

I object, your Honour. Especially now that my stomach seems to want to rebel as well.

ETA: If anyone has other fic recs handy, they'd be welcomed. Slash does make things better.
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It's past five fucking AM as I'm typing this ficlet up in the ljapp. I was snuggled up in bed, all ready for sleep (duels with the bastard mosquito in my room notwithstanding) when the effing muse hit me over the head and I had to lunge for the iPod and start typing. FML! Argh. And I feel a headache coming on. Brilliant.

Title: Untouchable
Pairing: Michael/Ayrton, unrequited
Rating: G/PG, surprisingly enough. I don't think this is comm material so I'll keep it here^^
A/N: Written at 5am on the iPod and unbetad, of course it might not make sense! Also, this in memory of my WriMo :p Also, angsty with a side of almost emo? Also, omg comments! They are my ambrosia.

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Damn it, my writing gets so awkward when I write a new pairing *sigh* Anyway, after five failed writing attempts on Word since January, I've spent this whole evening typing this up on the iPod without having written it anywhere else. It's longer than expected and I hope it makes some sort of sense. Opinions are very needed.

Title: Silence
Pairing: Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso
Disclaimer: Absolutely not true, nothing intended by it.
A/N: As I mentioned before on my lj, I thought it would give more depth to Xabi as a character if he would use Basque expressions instead of Spanish. I mean, Basques prefer using euskera before Spanish always, so I did a bit of
Googling and used three expressions:

Maite zaitut: I love you
Mesedez: Please
Maitasun: Love, used in this as an endearment.


(I'm writing more on the iPod than I did when I wrote on the computer...huge mystery.)

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Title: Equation
Pairing: Felipe(baby) Massa/Rob Smedley
Rating: Black Flag/NC17
Disclaimer: Definitely not real and not meant to be taken as such.
A/N: Written for [ profile] aitakute as a smallish bday gift. Happy bday, hope you like. I started this on the 9th but only managed to write the first paragraph, I typed the rest on the iPod tonight, so this is unbetad again. Hope it makes sense. Comments are so much addictive love, of course. Enjoy! Beware of typos! I think some might have escaped my wrath unharmed.

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Lewis disqualified, Trulli third in the Melbourne race

The FIA makes me dizzy. Yesterday they'd closed the case and then reopened it and now this. Lol. I had to check the date when I saw that headline.

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Title: There are things that cannot be forgiven
Fandom: F1
Pairing: Felipe Massa/Rob Smedley
Rating: R/Blue Flag
Beta:[ profile] aitakute, quickest beta ever :D
Disclaimer: Yet another figment.
A/N: I wrote this in a few hours last evening in the wake of the Australian GP, ignoring all the other unfinished fics I have. I'm too thrilled about finally having finished something to freak about how rusty and weird this is but let it be a warning for you. I spent a while typing it up on the iPod (oh the damn frustration, I want my computer back). Feedback is still highly important to me so don't hold back :)

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posted by [personal profile] fanged_angel at 09:17pm on 21/02/2009 under , ,
I finally finished challenge #1 for [ profile] motors20in20! You'll find 20 Felipe (well-accompanied in some) icons under the cut. Enjoy, comment, etc :P

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Cramps have me camped in the living room watching CNN. It's 6AM in Washington and everyone's on the streets, lol. There's queues for the subway, traffic jams, etc. I find all of this very fascinating. People from all over the world are attending, most without a ticket, which means they're going to have at least 240.000 people in front of them and they've all turnes up to see him and be part of history. This has never happened for an inauguration ceremony before and bear in mind that the parade kicks off at 2 pm, these people have a lot of waiting to do. I love the advice they're giving on CNN: arrive early, wear comfy shoes^^ Gah, the amount of people already at the spot is amazing. I can't wait to see him sworn in :D

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